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Conservation Station Fleet

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Our fleet of three Conservation Station trailers plays a central role in our outreach during the months of April - October.   Each trailer in the Conservation Station fleet includes a rainfall simulator, which demonstrates the impacts of land management choices, both urban and agricultural, on water quality and the connections between our soil and water.  Age-appropriate, hands-on interactive activities are included with each trailer.

Conservation Station - Overview

Conservation Station - Rainfall Simulator

Schedule of Events

 We are currently accepting requests for 2017-2018.

Request a Visit

Click HERE to request a Water Rocks!/Conservation Station visit. 


The Conservation Station fleet is available to travel to events from April - October of each year. At this time, we are only able to attend single-day events (or ONE day of a multiple day event). We provide full staffing -- a combination of Iowa State University faculty, staff, and/or student interns -- to present at your event.

Due to limited staffing and scheduling availability, we are often unable to fulfill every request that we receive. We do our best to reach a variety of audiences and locations around the state each year! 

While the Conservation Station fleet continues to be very popular, consider an in-classroom visit by the Water Rocks! team during the trailers' off months!  In-classroom visits are offered year-round, and allow us to work with students for a longer amount of time and go more in-depth on a variety of water-related issues; plus we have more availability to fulfill your requests in the fall and winter months.


Water Rocks! school visits and Conservation Station trailer outreach events are available free of charge.   Many thanks to our partners for making this possible!

What We Teach

Click HERE to view the different module offerings for school visits and outdoor classroom events.  Read what teachers are saying HERE.







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