Learning About the Water Cycle

Follow the path of rain drops as they heat up, cool down, form clouds, fall as precipitation, move across the land, soak into the ground, and more – water droplets are in constant motion! This catchy sing-along pop tune will help build and reinforce water cycle vocabulary, with such terms as evaporation… condensation… precipitation… and infiltration. Join in the FUN of Learning About the Water Cycle!Learning About The Water Cycle

Enhancement Activities

Water Cycle Kickball (Grades K-8)
Be A Water Drop! (Grades K-2)
The Water Cycle (Grades K-2)
Water Cycling (Grades 3-5)
Exploring the Water Cycle Through Cross-Age Teaching (Grades 3-5)
Water Phases of Matter (Grades 3-5)
Dive In to the Water Cycle (Grades 3-8)


Watch Learning About the Water Cycle HERE.





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