Salute to Wastewater

Salute To WastewaterThe average American goes to the bathroom 6-10 times each day, which equates to a whole lot of waste! Follow the flush, and all of that wastewater travels down the drain, through underground pipes and mains, eventually ending up at the same place – the wastewater treatment plant. Open 24 hours a day, it’s a dirty job cleaning up all that waste. But when the water’s all fouled up, they treat it and make it right! Join us as we take a journey down the drain and offer a salute to the fascinating world of wastewater and its treatment!

Enhancement Activities

All You Can Eat Sewage (Grades K-5)
Toxic Detectives (Grades 3-8)
What's In Your Water? - The Shower (Grades 3-8)


Watch Salute to Wastewater HERE.





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