The Environmentally Conscious Robot

The Environmentally Conscious RobotEvery watershed needs a hero. Meet the Environmentally Conscious Robot and his trusty sidekick, Ducky! The Environmentally Conscious Robot’s life quest is helping people understand the concept of a watershed – an area of land that drains to a common water body – and why watersheds matter, impacting every single one of us.

Enhancement Activities

Tales of the Environmentally Conscious Robot (Grades 3-12)
Pollution Patrol: Point vs. Nonpoint Source (Grades 6-12)
Watershed Walk (Grades K-5)
Paper Watersheds (Grades 3-5)
Delineating Clay Watersheds (Grades 3-5)
Wetlands Are Like Sponges (Grades 3-5)
What's In Your Water? - The Beach (Grades 3-8)
What's In Your Water? - The Farm (Grades 3-8)
What's In Your Water? - Golfing (Grades 3-8)


Watch The Environmentally Conscious Robot video HERE.





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