Grades 3-5

Enhancement Activities Grades3 5

Integrated Reading List

Integrated Reading List for Grades 3-5

What's In Your Water?

What's In Your Water? - Biking
What's In Your Water? - Fishing
What's In Your Water? - Golfing
What's In Your Water? - The Beach
What's In Your Water? - The Farm
What's In Your Water? - The Movie
What's In Your Water? - The Mudfight
What's In Your Water? - The Shower
What's In Your Water? - The Walk
What's In Your Walk? - Tubing

Additional Enhancement Activities

Adding Up the Drips
Adopt A Tree

Adventures of the Conservation Pack
series (24 videos + worksheets)
All You Can Eat Sewage
Bacterium Models You Can Eat!
Bees vs. Frogs
Biodiversity Book
Biodiversity Mural
Build A Prairie

Changing Rivers
Classroom Landfill
Climate Change and Changing Weather
Cloud In A Bag
Clouds Are Oh So Different
Cows, Chickens, and Pigs, Oh My!
Creatures Abound Underground

Delineating Clay Watersheds
Dive In To The Water Cycle
Down the Drain
Drawing on Nature
Dream Stream

Edible Aquifers
Edible Soil Cups
Exploring the Water Cycle Through Cross-Age Teaching
Flyway Obstacle Course Game

Food Chain Hide and Seek
Get It To The Spigot
Great Poo Pickup Relay Race
Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores -
Worksheet  |  Answer Key
How Does Climate Change Affect Animals?
How I Use Water In My Daily Life
I Can Help!: Reducing My Carbon Footprint
Jelly Critters
Milk Carton Turbines
New Word Wall
Niches on the Prairie - Worksheet  |  Answer Key
Paper Watersheds
Pizza Box Solar Oven
Plant A Tree

Pollen Relay Race
Prairie Food Web
Prairie Plants - Worksheet  |  Answer Key
Prairie Root Systems
Prairies, Wetlands and Croplands:  Keys to the Future Lie in the Past
Precious Resource
Sleuthing for Pollution with Our Five Senses
Soil Explorations
Tales of the Environmentally Conscious Robot

Toxic Detectives
The Long Journey

The True Cost of Water
Trash Pick Up
Treat Mother Earth Like Ourselves
Tree Factory

Trout Art

Trout Word Search
Water Cycle Kickball

Water Cycling
Water Phases of Matter
Watershed Walk
Wetlands Are Like Sponges
Wetlands BINGO
Wetlands Have Real Important Jobs To Do - Worksheet  |  Answer Key
World Rivers Investigation





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