Grades 6-8

Enhancement Activities 

Integrated Reading ListGrades6 8

Integrated Reading List for Grades 6-8

What's In Your Water?

What's In Your Water? - Biking
What's In Your Water? - Golfing
What's In Your Water? - The Beach
What's In Your Water? - The Farm
What's In Your Water? - The Movie
What's In Your Water? - The Mudfight
What's In Your Water? - The Shower

Additional Enhancement Activities

Adding Up the Drips
Adopt A Tree
Attractive Forces At Work

Build A Prairie

Climate Change and Changing Weather
Compost Creatures Up Close
Cows, Chickens, and Pigs, Oh My! 
Create Your Own Cover Crop Commercial
Dive In To The Water Cycle
Down the Drain
Edible Aquifers
Edible Soil Cups
Effects of Erosion
Exploring the Carbon Cycle and Carbon Cycle Jeopardy
Flyway Obstacle Course Game

Food Chain Hide and Seek
Get It To The Spigot
Greenhouse Gases: The Climate Change Culprit
Grow Your Own Bacteria
How Do Landfills Work?
How Does Climate Change Affect Animals?
How Does Climate Change Affect Sea Levels?
How I Use Water In My Daily Life
How Much Garbage Is That?!
I Can Help!: Reducing My Carbon Footprint
I Spy: Plastics and Bioaccumulation 
In Your Shoes: The Shoe Landfill
Iowa's Environmental History and Climate Change
Jelly Critters
Make it Rain!
Milk Carton Turbines
Pollution Patrol: Point vs. Nonpoint Source

Plant A Tree
Prairie Food Web
Prairies, Wetlands and Croplands: Keys to the Future Lie in the Past
Precious Resource
Soil Explorations
Solution Science
SOS (Saving Our Soil)
Tales of the Environmentally Conscious Robot

Tap Into Persuasion
The True Cost of Water
The Long Journey

Toxic Detectives
Trash and Treasure  
Trash Pick Up
Trout Haiku

Trout Word Search

Water Cycle Kickball
Waterborne Disease - A Global Perspective
Wetlands BINGO
You Can Count on Earthworms

A Culture of Conservation

"A Culture of Conservation" Activity Booklet





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