Jacqueline Comito

Jackie Comito leads the Water Rocks! program, using her creative energy and skills as an anthropologist, director, musician, writer, and broadcaster of the Conservation Chat podcast series to inspire Iowans, young and old, to a greater appreciation of our natural resources.  She was honored with a 2015 National Wetlands Award in Education and Outreach for her outstanding efforts towards promoting wetlands across the state of Iowa.

Jackie“I have a PhD in anthropology and enjoy looking at human interactions and exploring what motivates them as individuals and in groups. What is really sweet about my job is that I get to share what I know through a variety of means: videos, music, books and stories.

Since I was a kid, I have loved to be near, on, or around water. My fondest memory as a child was exploring the creek (Middle Raccoon River) down the hill from our house. I wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty and even made a few mudpies back in the day. I think that is why I do pottery today. It combines two of my favorite things: water and clay (a form of soil).”

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