Photo Cache Challenge

Join us in documenting the beauty of our water resources, Iowa's incredible biodiversity, and the changing seasons of our state from behind the lens...

Your Challenge:

  1. Choose a body of water in Iowa (stream, creek, river, lake, wetland) that is local and accessible to you.
  2. Once every week for a year, capture at least one photograph of your chosen water body.  You may wish to take a landscape photograph each week from the exact same location, or get creative and shift your focus to the plants, insects, and birds living there or seasonally passing through.
  3. Compile your photographs into a single folder, ordering them chronologically.
  4. When you complete the year-long challenge, send an email to  We will coordinate photo sharing - so your photographs can be featured on our website!

Your Reward:

Complete the year-long Photo Cache Challenge, and you will receive a complimentary Water Rocks! shirt as well as having one or more photographs featured on our website.

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