Everybody Poops

It’s a fact of life. Everybody poops! Kids, parents, teachers, firefighters, scientists, dogs, kangaroos, and cows – everybody poops. It’s the way our bodies get rid of waste. It’s natural. But poop is full of harmful bacteria, which can make us sick. We don’t want harmful bacteria to spread, so it’s really important to keep them out of our water. When bacteria get in our water, people and animals who use the water can get sick.

Enhancement ActivitiesEverybody Poopswith Text

Don't Spread Bacteria! Worksheet (Grades K-2)
Great Poo Pickup Relay Race (Grades K-5)
Bacterium Models You Can Eat! (Grades K-5)
Grow Your Own Bacteria (Grades 6-12)
Waterborne Disease - A Global Perspective (Grades 6-12)


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