It’s alive!

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Scientists get closer to identifying what lives in our soil...

Aeromonas2Iowa Learning Farms has been spreading the word about soil health, and its preservation, for over a decade, and Iowa farmers have long touted the benefits of soil health for crop...

Working Together to Clean Up the Name of a Local Creek

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Cardinal Creek Ap Biology Class From Nhs“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, organized citizens can change the world,” anthropologist Margaret Mead once said. Students and teachers at Newton High School, and Iowa Department of Natural Resources staff, proved exactly...

Students give WR! an A+!

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Thank You Wr!Water Rocks! began in 2012 to fill a need in Iowa’s soil and water conservation outreach efforts: there was a particular need to reach out to youth, the next generation of Iowans. WR! has accomplished extensive outreach to Iowa’s youth in six...

Trees are a Pretty Big Deal

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Maple Trees Pictures 2Water Rocks! LOVES trees! In fact, we love them so much that we created a three-part music video series all about trees! The TREElogy explores how truly "marvelous, magnificent, magical, and amazing" trees are! We are excited to share our tree...

Hittin' All the Right Notes

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"There is something completely elemental and life-affirming about getting people to sing together. Music helps us feel good. It connects us. It helps us remember who we are and what we can do." - Jacqueline Comito, Water Rocks! Program Director


WR! Winter Book Club

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Within classrooms of all grade levels, students spend a lot of time reading. Late winter is a great time for youth and adults alike to join a book club, or form small book groups within the classroom to discover new books together! With a plethora...

WR! Workshops help teachers dive in on ag, environmental issues

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Have you ever thought you’d like to learn more about water, soil, pollinators, climate change, and other ecological issues … if only you had the time?

Have you ever wanted to incorporate more hands-on, interactive activities and games in your...





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