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Featured Video: The Power of Water

By astaudt.

What do the Mafia, early nineties hip-hop artists and water have in common?


Or at least that was the mindset going into the writing process for the award-winning Water Rocks! music video The Power of Water.

Writer, musician and rapper Todd...

Reflections on Water Rocks! over the years

By astaudt.

Noah Stevens is entering his senior year at Ames High School, where he is actively involved in track, cross country, and the performing arts. He has helped out with numerous Water Rocks! video productions over the years, and participated in our...

Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, & Conservation

By astaudt.

It’s mid-August, it’s steamin’ hot and humid outside, and that means, of course, it’s time for the start of the great Iowa State Fair!

Along with the obligatory stops like the Butter Cow, scouting for freebies in the Varied Industries Building,...

Water Rocks! receives Iowa Environmental Excellence Award

By astaudt.

160803 Wr!Website Governor AwardWater Rocks!, Iowa State University’s youth water education program, received an Iowa Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Education on Aug. 2, 2016, at the State Capitol in Des Moines.

Water Rocks! delivers unique, entertaining and...

Behind the Scenes: Music Video Production

By astaudt.

Water Rocks! has produced a wide array of videos over the past few years, ranging from music videos, to short educational public service announcements and longer documentaries. However, there are a number of finely orchestrated steps that take us...





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