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Green Roofs: New Spin on an Old Idea

By astaudt.

In this day and age, we spend a lot of time talking about “green technology.” Sometimes the “green” is meant to indicate environmental benefit. Green roofs are environmentally friendly but they are also literally “green” in the sense that they are...

Busy as Bees!

By astaudt.

Filming Please The BeesWe at Water Rocks! pride ourselves on our fun and accessible music videos and we love to share them with you! We’ve been busy as bees this summer and fall getting a plethora of new music videos ready to go. Here is just a taste of some of the...

Exploring the Environment with IOWATER

By astaudt.

5 Skunkriver 014 CopySomething unexpected has been showing up in Iowa waterways: students!

Since 1998, IOWATER has been raising citizen awareness of Iowa’s watershed’s and connecting Iowa’s citizens with their waterways through volunteering and water sampling. Over...

High school students proclaim 'This is our time'

By astaudt.

By Kaleb Stevens, Ames High School

Amongst humans, one fact has remained the same since the dawn of man: we are all different. From religion to race, culture to customs, income to intelligence, human diversity exists on so many different levels...

Featured Music Video: Dino Water

By astaudt.

Dino Water TitleHere’s food (or maybe drink?) for thought: thanks to the water cycle, all the water we have now is exactly the same water that was around when the dinosaurs walked the earth. And now that fun fact is celebrated in a stylish animated music video: “...

Featured Music Video: Use It Up

By astaudt.

The slogan “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” spread across America as a rallying cry for victory during World War II, when the well-being of the troops overseas depended on conserving resources and reducing consumption. Today we...

Science and Art: Working Together for Water Quality

By astaudt.

Lake LaVerne has been a fixture on the campus of Iowa State University since 1916, complete with its own campus legend: if you and your sweetheart can walk all the way around the lake in silence three times, you will always be together.


Featured Music Video: Water Rocks!

By astaudt.

Everyone loves a classic! True classics have a lasting worth and a certain timeless quality. And what has more lasting worth and timeless quality than water? Come celebrate a true original with the "Water Rocks! Theme Song,” because water really...





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