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Water Quality Gone to the Dogs

By astaudt.

Water quality at Big Creek Lake State Park has gone to the dogs… to a five-year old black Labrador Retriever named Limit, in particular. Limit and his owner, Jon Zunkel, visit the lake near Polk City every day year-round to patrol the geese on the...

Music Videos Combine Education, Entertainment

By astaudt.

Since the launch of MTV in 1981 and Michael Jackson’s epic Thriller video in 1983, music videos have been an integral part of mainstream pop culture. And with the popularity of YouTube and social media sites today, music videos continue to be...

Skunk River Navy

By astaudt.

What do you get when you cross a bathtub with biology students? You get the Skunk River Navy.

“Admiral” Jim Colbert began this service project in 1998. What grew out of a need for a learning community activity at Iowa State University (ISU)...





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