Classroom Visits


The Water Rocks! team travels to schools for in-classroom presentations throughout the majority of the year (we do not travel in December, but the rest of the year is fair game).  We provide 2-3 Iowa State University faculty, staff, and/or student interns to present to your class and lead hands-on, interactive student activities.  

We find that the most effective learning occurs when we work with students in relatively small groups - one class at a time (maximum 30 students per class).  This allows the most opportunity for hands-on learning, interaction, and dialogue.  If you'd like a program for larger groups, check out our Water Rocks! School Assemblies.

For classroom presentations, we also ask for at least 30 minutes per group (or more time, depending on the modules being taught, as described below).  We are not able to present at events that allow less than 30 minutes per group.

Conservation Station Trailer

Our fleet of Conservation Station trailers may be available to participate in your event, depending on scheduling availability and weather conditions.  The trailers typically run from April through October, pending wind and weather conditions.

How to Request a Visit

Click HERE to request a visit!  Keep in mind that the more flexible your request, the more likely it is that we'll be able to fulfill it. For instance, consider an in-classroom visit in February or March- these months generally have a good amount of availability!

Our classroom visits are typically scheduled several months out, so it's a good idea to get your request in early! Requesting a visit 3-4 months in advance is advised.

Schedule of Events

Check out where we'll be on our 2018 Schedule of Events page!


Water Rocks! classroom visits are available free of charge.  Many thanks to our partners for making this possible!  Our School Assemblies do have a fee, but allow us to reach a much greater number of students.

What We Teach

The Water Rocks! team offers multiple learning modules to choose from when we visit schools. We will work with teachers to determine which module(s) best fit the audience and the time constraints for the event. Each lesson is adapted for grade level appropriateness and can easily be scaled up or down when visiting multiple grades within the same school. Each of our modules is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

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The Wonderful World of Wetlands

Explore the wonderful world of wetlands and the importance of these vibrant ecosystems and the biodiversity they support! Students are transported to a wetland through audio and visual means, and interactive games of Habitat Hopscotch and Wetlands BINGO are woven throughout the in-classroom presentation.

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We All Live in a Watershed

Dive in to the water cycle, watersheds, and water quality with this highly interactive module. We all live in a watershed and play an important role there! Students each receive a “puzzle piece” of land and $5M, then are given free reign to be creative and build whatever they’d like with their money. How will the shared water resources be impacted by the cumulative effect of everyone’s choices?

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Dig Into Soil

Join in the fun with the "Dig Into Soil" game show! Students will learn about the incredible diversity of life supported by soil, and the extraordinary work the earth must do to create new soil. Chock full of trivia questions and the "Six Degrees of Soil" game, this module draws on friendly small group competition to engage students in learning about this amazing natural resource and how to best protect it.

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Conservation Pack

Through stories, songs, and guided by our mascots the Conservation Dogs, students will learn about Iowa's natural resources, like soil and water, and the importance of working together to protect the world around them.


Biodiversity Bonanza

Students will learn about the importance of biodiversity, niches within ecosystems, trophic levels (who's eating who!), and more in this highly interactive unit.  Activity options, depending on student age and time available, include a super competitive game of Biodiversity Jenga, Musical Oxbows, and Microscope Mania (a hands-on exploration activity using LCD photo microscopes to investigate diversity in Iowa's wetlands and lakes).

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a date set for a Water Rocks! school visit.  What's next?

We highly encourage you to explore our Pre-Visit Lesson Suggestions page. Prior to your scheduled Water Rocks! presentation, consider utilizing the resources there to introduce students to the topics that will be covered. From our experience, we observe the highest levels of engagement and students gain the most from our classroom programs (plus we can go deeper in-depth with the content) when they’ve had a basic introduction to the material prior to our visit!

Do you have any programs available for high school students?  

Interested in a school visit or presentation for high school students?  Contact our event coordinator Liz Juchems via email or phone (515.294.5429) to discuss details.

Can you come to our school and give a presentation about water monitoring?

We do not offer a water quality monitoring presentation at this time. However, the DNR's IOWATER volunteer water monitoring program is an outstanding resource.





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